FREE RIDES (To those who qualify) (greater Kalamazoo/greater Grand Rapids)

ride offered

For starters, if you have someone who can take you somewhere for scheduled trips, appointments etc., use them. If however, you're in desperate need and have nowhere else to turn, I will see what I can do. The following people are those who I seek to help but NOT solely these people. Battered Women, Domestic Violence Victims, Pregnant Women, or any other female who truly needs to pick-up a child at daycare, a ride to/from the grocery store, to p/u a prescription, a ride to a parent's house, a ride to the hospital, a ride to the doctor's appointment, to/from work etc. but NOT exclusively these scenarios. Because everyone's time is valuable, I WILL NOT email back and forth. I desire a PHONE CALL and NOT simply a text. If you are at work and CANNOT talk on the phone at that time, you may text me, but I will not agree to a ride until we have spoken on the phone. I do this for one reason and that is a quick minute or two on the phone will allow me to determine whether or not a person is desperate/truly in need or is simply trying to take advantage of my good will, and by talking ahead of time, this will allow me to determine who I can help. If you have any criminal background, I expect it to be stated upfront. I have given many rides to many people in the past who have been incarcerated but if I determine you are not honest, I will NEVER give you a ride. I have NEVER been arrested, charged with a crime or had my license suspended for even a 'New York Second.' I am a rideshare driver and my family and income ALWAYS come first and yet, if I am free to give you a ride with as much advance notice as possible, or even in sudden emergencies, I will be happy to accommodate you. I am up at all odd hours so if you have a sudden emergency at 3 am and in the chance I am not up, I would first appreciate a text and then I will call you back when I see it.

Please note, I will not take you to the jail to visit the Scumbag who hit or beat you in anyway shape or form. I will not take you to your buddies house just to hang out or go buy marijuana. I am offering free rides whenever I can to people who truly are trying to better themselves and who are not simply taking advantage of my good will. If you have an interview for work I expect you to be dressed properly so I know you were not pulling the wool over my eyes. I have no problem helping people out but I am not a shuttle service for somebody trying to scam somebody. I will smell it a mile away and trust me I have an excellent sense of smell. Occasionally I have picked up men that have been physically beaten but by and large it’s usually easier for a man to fend for himself but I do not rule them out. Please respect my wishes and I will NOT accept blocked calls. I am not a stalker and will not abuse your phone number but neither do I play the childish game of emailing or texting and never hearing who is on the other end. If I feel you qualify under my guidelines, I will fit you in my schedule as soon as possible. Sometimes it could be immediately other times it might not be for a couple of days. Talk to me and tell me your specific circumstance and I will do my best to accommodate you. Thank you.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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