Mr A+ Mobile 24 Hr Mobile Mechanic on Duty (We come to you)

Hey how's it going my name is Hann I'm a 10 year Master Mechanic. I have been certified for 8 years now. We have been in business as Mobile Mechanics for about 3 years and counting. We now have a total of 3 Mechanics on call 24 HOURS A DAY. We service the WHOLE MICHIGAN and yes the WHOLE MICHIGAN just give us a call. We charge a diagnostic fee of $50 for a FULL DIAGNOSIS. THIS CHARGE IS MADATORY IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO GET THE WORK DONE THAT DAY. But however if you do choose to get any work done YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED A DIAGNOSTIC FEE AND WILL ONLY BE CHARGED LABOR COST. All drivers/Mechanics are REQUIRED TO CHARGE A TRAVEL FEE IF YOU ARE MORE THAN 10 miles from their location. But here are some of the LABOR PRICING for most American made CARS/VANS. Prices may vary for FOREIGN VEHICLES AND TRUCKS/WORK VANS

Brakes Fr.$55-$100 R.$65-$120
Rotors $50 per tire
Caliper $85 per caliper
Bleed Brakes $125 for all 4 tires
Starter $80-$350 depends on vehicle
Alternator $75-$300 depends on vehicle
Tune-up 4cyl.$65 6cyl.$75-$350 8cyl.$145-$375 10cyl.$150-$450 12cyl.$200-500
Strut Fr.$90 R.$85
Control Arm upper.$85 lower.$90
Radiator $120-$350 depends on vehicle
Hub Bearing Fr.$90 R.$100
Press in Bearings Fr.$150 R.$200
Cv Axle Fr.$90-$200 R.$125-250
Sway Bar Link Fr.$35-$75 R.$45-$90
Oil Change $40
Radiator Flush $75 must have a water hose
Water Pump $85-$300 depends on vehicle
Timing Belt $275-$675 depends on vehicle
Serpentine Belt $45-$100 depends on vehicle
Power Steering pump $100-$350 depends on vehicle
A/C Recharge $140 with parts included
A/C Compressor $100-$300 depends on vehicle
Brake Line starts at $150 parts and labor
Trans Flush $150-$400
Heater Core $250-$600
Valve Cover Gasket $100-$275
Exhaust Manifold $250-$450
Ball Joints $80-175
Outer Tie Rods $45-$150
Inner Tie Rods $60-$125
Transmission Replacement starts at $600-$1300 1day process
Engine replacement starts at $750-$2000
Head gasket replacement $450-$900

And this is only some of the repairs we offer. If something is not on the list above. Give us a call and we can help you out. We love to work on cars this is truly our passion. WE WILL ALSO MATCH OR BEAT OUR COMPETITORS PRICING. We all have families to feed and we all are men of God so please treat us with respect and we will do the same no matter what. So if your reading this may God Bless You and come on and give us a call and get your car fixed TODAY.

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